There is no one large answer to combat racism, there are so many parts of the machine that work in separate ways all playing a roll in repressing and suppressing the BIPOC community. We must all use our privilege and platform to play a small roll individually for this to be a collective large movement. With this in mind we are donating 15% of all revenue that comes in from the ‘Shop’ to the ‘Hackney Quest’ – Registered Charity No. 299734

Hackney Quest aims to give young people, families and members of the community the practical and emotional support that they need to develop and pursue their aspirations and deal positively with life’s challenges against a backdrop of social and economic disadvantage. Every day the economic split in Hackney is growing more and more, we understand, we to where part of that problem. Hackney has one of the highest poverty rates of London and, just like one of the many facets of institutional rascism is that economic disadvantage has affected the Black community the hardest in the area.

We have also put together a small list on UK Specific information from reports, inquiries, articles and charities you can find here: 

We plan to shift focus to a different charity every 6 months that operates in the same sphere.

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