L I G H T B O D Y & C E N T R A L S U N

The light body is a particle of the Divine Mind, cast from the Central Sun into and through the fourth and fifth dimensional matrices in order to embody within a human being the essence of the Central Sun. The light body’s materialization begins from the seventh dimension, cascading into materiality where it settles into the first manifested being—the human heart.

Within the human instrument, it is the heart that is originally the nucleus-home of the light body, but eventually the light body’s locus drifts upward to the pineal gland at the base of the brain, usually in the first seven years of life. Here it typically remains until the physical body expires, at which time it recirculates within the higher light realms of the fifth dimension wherein unity and the connective field of pure love radiates unimpeded by matter. This is the ground of soul where all beings flow in the vibrant river of sound and light.

The light body is composed of the Light of the Central Sun. Within each of the galaxies is a Central Sun that acts as the transmitter of the Divine Mind within the galactic multiverse. The Central Sun is the trans-dimensional portal within each galaxy that interconnects all galaxies and dimensions of life therein to the pulsing heartbeat of the Grand Central Sun from whence the primacy of sound and light arise. It is the integrative nexus between the physical and spiritual planes, and thus, the Central Sun is the quantum sum of all suns within the galaxy, and this quantum light lives within the human instrument as its light body.

The Central Sun is really a level of consciousness we attain and at this level we are a Creator Goddess God creating Heaven on Earth. In the physical realm our Sun is connected to the Central Suns, our own Central Sun is Alcyone, from the Pleiadian Star System that we are part of. There are many Suns and Central Suns, it is through these Suns that all worlds are created and aligned. The Sun illuminates the vibrations that help us to grow, if it feels our Love it feeds that Love, if it feels our fear it creates experiences for us to open up more fully to Love.

The Central Sun we open up to once we have reached a higher light vibration in our being through purification of our lower self and moved out of the lower astral world. We get to a point where we become a Central Sun and our light illuminates brightly as we hold the beam for all humanity and the upliftment in consciousness. We have great responsibility at this level and work in the Councils of Light where there are twelve of us in unified consciousness. The Golden Solar Discs are at this level and the Central Sun holds the living library of Light at the realm of creation we operate in. The Golden Solar Discs were used by the ancients to keep the alignment of the Suns in balance and we were totally connected to our Solar Self at that time, the last Golden Cycle .

As we progress in our awakening through our initiations and transcend the lower realms of desires and attachments we become the Greater Central Sun where we work in the Council of Four. With even more awareness of the bigger picture and our part in it, that it is not us but all of us and the ego plays no part in the work.