There is no doubt the world is rapidly changing around us. Something monumental is happening, impacting our lives in increasingly intense ways. Most people are not consciously are of this yet. They continue on, often assuming more and more stress in their lives, but without stopping to wondering what might be causing it. However there are many whom have noticed the dramatic shift the world and our lives have taken in the last few years and are experiencing profound and unusual experiences within ourselves. We realise we are growing and awakening much more quickly than ever before.

The Fifth Dimension is the level of consciousness many of us have been dreaming about, probably for many lifetimes. Its where we will finally awaken into full consciousness of who we are and live in the absolute knowing of the oneness of all that exists. It is where we will be able to live from a state of unconditional love, inner peace and joy, and on-going freedom from fear, shame, judgment and separation.

According to the teaching on Ascension, we are all heir to a fifth dimensional consciousness. It’s a state of being we once lived in many thousands of years ago, before the advent of what’s known as the ‘Fall of Consciousness’, a time when we began to descending into a lower vibrational field thats the Third Dimension. This Lower dimension was a level of being in the universe that allowed for a new expression for Consciousness to manifest itself through: life in a dense, physical form. However it also brought with it many confining limitations, a forgetting of our divine nature, a sense of separation from each other from the divine, and the experiences of great suffering. 

Many of us have been incarnating over and over again into the Earth’s Third Dimension for thousands of years since the Fall of Consciousness. So it is near-impossible for us to remember the experience of living in the Fifth Dimension. What we remember is the suffering present in the Third Dimension and the challenges in remembering who we actually are – powerful, multi-dimensional beings of Light living in full consciousness of our essential spiritual nature.