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Must you die to release your inner conciousness? Can you experience momentary flights of the soul – that is, become one with the universe and receive an influx of great understanding?

The consciousness shows the cosmos to consist not of dead matter governed by unconscious, rigid, and unintending law; it shows it on the contrary as entirely immaterial, entirely spiritual and entirely alive. Mysticism then, is the perception of the universe and all of its seemingly disparate entities existing in a unified whole bound together by love.

The shackles of the body – your earthly limitations – can be thrown off, and your mind can be attuned to the Infinite Wisdom for a flash of a second. During this brief interval, intuitive knowledge, great inspiration and a new vision of your life’s mission may be had. Some call this great experience a psychic phenomenon. The ancients knew it and taught it as the cosmic consciousness – the merging of your mind with the Universal Intelligence. 


The future of the mind is a subject to be approached expectantly but warily. Psychologists who have thought much about it seem disposed to expect some breath-taking changes in our notions about the brain and the mind, though they are not at all agreed on the nature of the changes… 


Ascension is the complex quantum mechanics governing the movement of consciousness through time and space. Consciousness is energy, as well as, energy is intelligent consciousness. When energy shifts, so does our consciousness. Time and space as we have known on planet earth is changing, and we are moving into a future timeline. Through gradual exposure to frequency activation of various stellar bodies, the planet is transformed into higher dimensional and frequency planes of existence.

There is no doubt the world is rapidly changing around us. Something monumental is happening, impacting our lives in increasingly intense ways. Most people are not consciously are of this yet. They continue on, often assuming more and more stress in their lives, but without stopping to wondering what might be causing it. However there are many whom have noticed the dramatic shift the world and our lives have taken in the last few years and are experiencing profound and unusual experiences within ourselves. We realise we are growing and awakening much more quickly than ever before…


From gigantic pyramids of ancient Egypt to the soaring rockets of space – the mind has been the driving force behind all achievement. Every plan beings with the recess of mind, with a subtle mysterious element – an idea. What is consciousness by which you are aware of self and your world? What causes the welling up of ideas, the surge of inspiration? what are the psychic faculties that cause a feeling of right and wrong…. that tug and play upon your reason and emotions? Through the mind has pushed back the boundaries of the universe, revealing wonders – yet the greatest mystery of all is mind itself.


The star cluster must be regions of incredible beauty. Image living on a planet inside a star cluster: Your night sky would be densely spangled with bright points of light. Glowing bands of cosmic gas might arch overhead. The spectacle could make Earth’s clearest winter skies seem dull.


It is fundamental to Zen philosophy that self-conscious introspection is doomed to failure, since to understand your mind – using that very same mind – is like trying to grasp your own hand or see your own eye. Thinking about the initiative mind logically is the one sure way never to understand it workings, since if you arrive at the understanding rationally or verbally, guarantees the understanding is wrong. As a ninth-century Zen master put it, “Zen formulates the study of intuitive wisdom only to receive and guide beginners”.

In reality this intuitive insight cannot be learned, for the study of it actually screens it from our understanding. This might be called the Zen “Uncertainty Principle”, the proposition that attempting to understand the workings of one’s own intuition through rational processes is futile. 


Why limit yourself to just five senses? There is a greater world of realization behind your outer self. Impressions of these extrasensory powers occasionally arise. The strange feeling of impending danger – an intuitive hunch – receiving an unspoken thought from a colleague – these indicate unused potentialities. They are natural phenomena. To understand, develop, and direct them can transform your whole personality. They provide greater insight and personal achievement. 

Whether enlightenment experiences are purposefully induced or occur spontaneously and unexpectedly, these altered states of mind and body invariably confront us with the oneness, timelessness, beauty, truth, and perfection of ourselves and of the universe.

Evolving Ordinary Awareness to the Extraordinary

They offer an unbiased and expansive view of the world that challenges and replaces our limited way of knowing and perceiving. As such, they reintroduce us to the awe, wonder, and joy of childhood while surprising us with the passionate spirituality and sensuality of adulthood. They connect us to each other and fill us with a deep appreciation for the fundamental forces of nature. Ultimately, they convey an essential but inexpressible truth, a truth hidden deep within us all that removes our anxieties, tensions, and pains, soothes our angers, calms our bodies, and leaves us with a feeling of freedom, contentment, and inner peace.


Meditation must call to its aid the exercise in character strengthening, inner truthfulness, calmness of soul, self-possession and deliberation. For only then, when it is thoroughly imbued with these qualities, will the soul gradually imprint on the whole human organization what in meditation appears as a process.

When success is reached by means of such exercises, we find ourselves in the etheric organism. The thought-experience receives a new form. We experience the thoughts not only in the abstract form as before, but in such a way that one feels the power in them.

 Thoughts of former experience can only be thoughts, they have no power to stimulate action. Whereas the thoughts we now have, have as much power as the powers of growth which accompany man from childhood to maturity, and just for this reason it is necessary to carry out meditation in the right way. For if unconscious forces intervene in it, if it is not an act of complete and deliberate thoughtfulness, and done in self-possession taking a purely psychic and spiritual course, impulses are developed which step in as do the natural powers of growth in our own human organism. This must in no wise occur. Our own physical and etheric organism must remain completely untouched by meditation


It is one thing to acquire mental knowledge and power, but another to apply or to use what you have wisely. You see what we are driving at? Unless man follows the path outlined by the master of the Piscean age, man will prove his own destroyer. He can destroy himself. We do not think he will, but he can. 

In individual cases this destructive power can be seen at work in the life. Every person has to learn his infinite possibilities, has to develop his infinite powers, and then must apply or use them as God meant him to use them. To this end we have the wisdom of the sages, through the past ages, teaching man the correct and wise way of life, showing him the path of his soul. In a way it does not matter much if people are wilful and insist on taking the lefthand path. 


These great temples were erected before time, as you understand time, and by great initiates; they represent the foundation of a religion—nay, more of a science of life, pertaining not particularly to the life physical, but to the whole plan of evolution for the soul. No less can be found in these mighty temples—earthly monuments are they for those sufficiently quickened in spiritual perception to read and to understand. Many have conjectured about the Great Pyramid. How far are they from the truth you have yet to learn, but as you tread the path of spiritual science, you may read in the Great Pyramid a very glorious plan

In this way: in the Great Pyramid, as in the universe itself, as in the life of man on earth, you may trace exactly the same history; the history of man is written across the world; you may, you can if you wish, gaze into a fire as you sit in your armchair by your fireside, and by concentration read therein symbols. Interpret such symbols, not by your mind, but through intuition and your spirit, and you can prophesy the future. I use that illustration to show that the future, the past, rests in the here and now, and may be read by those who have vision.


The classic philosophers made a point of the interrelationship between disposition and health. They underlined and supported their opinions with excellent factual references. They believed in the good disposition as an appropriate vestment for an enlightened soul. There is no time or place in this world for negative expenditure of the basic materials from which our personalities are fashioned. We must control ourselves, or our mistakes will catch up with us.


The unphysical body is often overlooked as part of the human energy field. But everything is energy, and that means that the unphysical body is energy, too. The unphysical body is denser than other parts of the energy system, but it’s still an integral part of the energy field. The unphysical body is created and sustained by the more subtle aspects of the energy system, rather than the other way around, and disturbances in the energy field create imbalances and disturbances in the unphysical body.

We can impact our unphysical bodies by working with more subtle aspects of our being, including both our energy and our thoughts. This entire site is about using energy to improve our well-being on all levels including the physical, so any page you go to at Effective Healing Systems will be about such or similar topic.


In the biological analysis of human emotion, mercy, compassion and sympathy are divided into three distinct divisions. The student of spiritual law, having reached that point where the transmutation of the emotional nature is imperative, must find a legitimate channel for the expression of his ever increasing vital and astral forces.

The suffering and uncertainty which fills the lives of many students is the result of the existence of powers and energies which they have generated by their asceticism but for the expression of which they have provided no legal and proper channel. These three divisions form the expressions on the spiritual plane of the emotions of man. They are the opposites of those emotions which at the present time hold man to the animal worlds.


Since their discovery in 1963, quasars have remained one of astronomy’s supreme enigmas. The most baffling of all their characteristics is that a typical quasar’s radiation surges from a compact region large enough for only a few dozen stars; yet a typical quasar generates the energies of tens or even hundreds of galaxies…


There is more to you than you suspect. Self goes far deeper than the surface consciousness. Man is not full conscious – that is, using the whole potential of his awareness – until his dormant physic energy is developed. The occasional hunch, and the intuitivie flash are attributes of the physic, the real you, awaiting fuller expression. 

The use of these levels of conciousness, which are at your command, is but the application of natural law. Creative imagination, reception of the unspoken thoughts of others, the ability to clearly comprehend and master circumstances are the result of awakening the psychic self.

All brain mechanisms, from genetic specificity and environmental through learning and drive, to sleep itself, may be summarized as systems functioning so as to maintain the organism in a state of continuous harmonic interaction with its environment, a dialectic in which the individual acts upon, and reacts to, changes in the environment…



We are not just an isolated entity on Earth. We are also of a greater world – The Cosmos. The forces that create galaxies and island universes also flow through our being. The particles that form our milky way and our neighbours also form us and our neighbours. 

The human body is a vital phenomenon – life – are of the same spectrum of energy of which all creation consists. The universe is you because you are one of its myriad of forms of existence. Stripping away the mystery of these cosmic forces within you increase the personal reality of self. There is no adventure greater than the exploration of self.


We are entering the Age of Anonymity. As we struggle to remain individuals, our complex society increasingly identifies us by faceless numbers. We may soon live as units within an immense equation, only a digit, a decimal or a binary zero removed from the next person. The slow slide toward sameness has compelled many people to search for new ways to reaffirm their individuality. 

So while society pushes us toward conformity, nature keeps pulling for variation and change. And while manmade institutions persist in trying to transform us into social clones, our internal blueprints ensure that we remain unique and uncopiable, as original, exceptional and singular. 


Biofeedback, the hip fad that promised cosmic consciousness and panacean answers to human ills, is dead. But rising from its ashes is a new, practical biofeedback, an electron microscope of inner space, that has been validated by thousands of research studies. Feedback can be applied to almost any measurable behaviour.


The light body is a particle of the Divine Mind, cast from the Central Sun into and through the fourth and fifth dimensional matrices in order to embody within a human being the essence of the Central Sun. The light body’s materialization begins from the seventh dimension, cascading into materiality where it settles into the first manifested being—the human heart.


We want to talk about the spirit world tonight, to tell you some of the things which happen there. Many people long to develop clairvoyance and clairaudience. 


Modern natural science regards Experience as the only source for the investigation of truth. And not wrongly, to be sure. Its area is the realm of outer, spatial things and temporal processes. How should one be able to make anything out about an object belonging to the outer world, without having gotten to know it by means of sense-perception, that is, the only manner of coming in contact with things spatial-temporal.

First get to know the object, and then theorize about it, so goes the maxim asserted by modern science over against the speculative systems of the philosophers of nature from the beginning of this century. This principle is completely justified, but by an erroneous conception, it has led science astray. he misunderstanding lies in the character attributed by the inductive method, and by the materialism and atomism issuing from it, to general concepts.


If we were to look closely at an individual human being, we would immediately notice that it is a unique hologram unto itself; self contained, self-generating, and self-knowledgeable. Yet if we were to remove this being from its planetary context, we would quickly realize that the human form is not unlike a mandala or symbolic poem, for within its form and flow lives comprehensive information about various physical, social, psychological, and evolutionary contexts within which it was created.


The feeling of being outside our physical body is stronger during experiences within the astral body than during those within the elemental body. In the case of the elemental body we feel ourselves outside the region in which the physical body exists, and yet we feel connected with the latter body.

In the astral body we feel the physical body itself as something outside our own being. On passing into the elemental body we feel something like an expansion of our own being; but in identifying our consciousness with the astral body it is as though we made a jump into another being.

Imagination. Questions that explode myths. Ideas that burn with such intensity that they melt away superstitions. The energy with which peoplecan break free from a stagnant past. . .and rocket into a future in which the only boundaries are the limits of imagination.


It is becoming daily more evident that the human potential is far greater than the intellect which is an agent which manages the affairs of living on the material plane. We number it among our possessions when we say, “my hands, my feet, and my mind.”

Materialistic psychology may find the mental function useful in estimating character but the mind is not the source of character nor is it capable of bestowing enlightenment upon the truth seeker. Very often it is an obstacle to the very ends that all mankind is seeking to attain. Locked within the intellectual content, the researcher is frustrated because the mentality cannot transcend itself. To believe that there is nothing above or beyond the mind is a serious mistake and has retarded progress for thousands of years. In manifestation the mental quotient has a range covering the internal between ignorance and wisdom. If its powers are focused upon physical concerns, it produces the materialist who must be regulated by the moral and ethical codes which have been intuitively accepted as necessary to the advancement of society. 


We are told that a habit is a custom or practice acquired and strengthened by repetition  and resulting in an increasing facility to perform a certain action, hold a particular attitude, or become involved in a certain sequence of events. Habits can be positive or negative; that is, they can impel to greater attainment or they can lower resistance and cause the individual to become more easily addicted to an unreasonable or destructive pattern of conduct. To a large degree, we are all creatures of habit, finding it easier and more convenient to drift along on the surface of our inclinations.

Resistance to habit decreases in ratio to the strengthening of habitual procedures, until finally we find that the resolution or energy necessary to break a habit is no longer readily available. 


To the esoteric-minded, personality changes of any kind are usually accepted as bona fide evidence of obsession or possession by ai outside entity. This way of thinking accepts schizophrenia as proof of the presence of an outside personality which has attached itself, like an orchidaceous growth, to the party of the first part. A large number of so-called mediumistic experiences, most automatic writing, and much attributed to clairaudience or clairsentience are in reality the contributions of minority groups in the subjective human personality. This is why such a large percentage of allegedly psychic phenomena ends in general demoralization. The entities usually prove to be malicious, and what promises to be beautiful ends in ugliness and misery. The psychic sprites frequently ridicule the very mediums who serve them. The dominant personality has been undermined perhaps by negative development exercises and can no longer cope with the situation. Any person who makes his mind a blank and waits for the universe to fill this vacuum abdicates in favour of one of his own lesser political factions. The new administration will almost certainly be worse than its predecessor because it must be lacking in something or it would have naturally been dominant.