Welcome to CLUB RADIO
*HOT* mixes from around the world with the aim to entertain, engage & enlighten.
#01 – Gabriola “Phenomena”
Hi and welcome to the inaugural mix of the series. Gabriola goes for 4 (and half) with a blend of various tastes and tempo’s casually working through ambi dub, low & slow and flute breaks before finally setting up his way for a high tech work out. A few unreleased cuts, but mainly filled with hours of ‘golden oldies’, enjoy.
**Science has proven your only limitations are those of your conscious thought; self imposed limitations that determine your happiness, your personal well-being and success. Here at CLUB RADIO we aim to share programmes to simply release your minds own natural abilities by reaching the source of change… your subconscious mind.
How does CLUB RADIO go about this? Above you will find multi track recordings utilizing a number of different audio frequencies and sound intensities,  broadcast thru radio waves these aim to reach deep your subconscious mind.
With this there is no limit to what you could achieve.