Bliss inc. – Radiant Realty

Bliss inc. – Radiant Realty (MAGIC018

We’ve all known for years that the human mind is more sophisticated that the most powerful computer.

Now at last, scientists have developed a new approach that actually releases your hidden talent and abilities, long buried beneath the surface of conscious recognition.

We believe you’ll find this new process fascinating.

Gabriola – Earth Awakes / Net of Being

– Earth Awakes / Net of Being (MAGICEARTH) Out NOW.
Take a trip to the sound of summer 95 with our master G.
o increasing the connectivity of higher spiritual bodies
o increasing frequency rate of combined energetic bodies
two different types of stimulation on this split 12″. Peak & post moments for your rave revival. DF 4 the DF.
physical only

Placid Angles – First Blue Sky LP

22 years since a last appearance, we are pleased to share with you the second Placid Angles full length, ‘First Blue Sky’.

Placid Angles (@john-beltran) & Magicwire would like to dedicate this album to You, The Earth & Everything.

First Blue Sky is due Mid March on 2×12″ & Digital formats but for now please enjoy the clips and take care of each other.